Minutes – March 23, 2016

meeting minutes

North Yarmouth Memorial Park

Minutes March 23, 2016

NYMP Meeting – March 23, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. NYMS

Members Present:

Board of Directors (BOD)

  • Kevin Robinson
  • Thaddeus Day

North Yarmouth Memorial Park Officers

  • President – Eric Robinson
  • Vice President – Paul Hodgetts
  • Treasure – Richard Brobst
  • Secretary – Shari Cochran

North Yarmouth Memorial Committee Members

  • Patti Robinson
  • Buzz Levensaler
  • Gordon Corbit

Call to Order and Review of Minutes:

  • Review 24.16 minutes – accept with minor changes

Officer Reports:

  • Paul Hodgetts – nothing to report
  • Eric Robinson
  • Ryan Weeks will be doing work over vacation; will schedule a meeting; Thad request to be there prior to 04.15.16 looking for project plan outlining time/labor/materials. Eric to request copy
  • Once work schedule received – advise committee to arrange for member(s) to be present; Scouts will require at least one adult scout member to supervise
  • Property Survey – nothing new. Kevin has a copy of the original survey from Sharp division. Thad to speak with Wayne Wood.
  • Richard Brobst – balance $5,849.00 – no change
  • $25.00 check to State of Maine has not yet cleared the account
  • Inquired about becoming a member of the North Yarmouth Business Association – he will obtain additional information for a later discussion.
  • Long Term Committee – Thad and Buzz met
  • Discuss drawing a line through the woods to thin out trees and make space for flags so flags not up against the road
  • Message into Ken Fowler to discuss cutting of trees
  • Ground to be leveled to remove burm
  • Trees small enough to be removed by committee
  • Tadd to speak with Clark Baston regarding wood chipper
  • Need to contact someone to discuss underground electricity, determine depth and CMP requirements
  • Letter was delivered to Rosemary at the town – incorporated with request for town to include $450 in town budget for assistance with electricity and mowing for park
  • Patti Robinson – Stewardship Chair – met on 03.14.16
  • 21.16 – clean up park
  • 30.16 – Memorial Day
    • 8:00 a.m. raise flag all the way up and then drop down to half mast – fully raise at noon – Eric has flags
    • Advertise in the notes, website, etc
  • Trail run in September or October
  • Veteran Day – Friday 3:00 p.m. VFW does a luncheon on the same day
  • Flag Day – should do something to bring focus to park; maybe call it recognition day
    • Flag day is on a Tuesday this year – do event on Sunday before
    • Involve scouts and students – maybe write something about what they have learned about the flag
    • Combine with appreciation for scouts work on park
    • Dedicate new trail
    • Place signs at entrances
    • Talk about what flag day is all about
    • Place flags around park
  • Permanent wreath stand
  • Corporate membership
  • Corporate sponsorship – donate flag poles, plaques, etc.
  • Gordon Corbit willing to speak about the flag as a symbol – what does it mean, each nation has its own flag, maybe tell a story possibly about the strangest place where a flag has been placed – German U boat 
  • New Business
  • Kevin – parking area to be approximately50 x 50
    • Cut down trees
    • Approximately 60 yards of gravel needed to level out parking area
    • May be able to use material once burn removed
    • Request town to donate gravel
    • May need culvert
    • Ken and Clark good resources what may be needed
    • Spaces by road may require longer culverts
    • Firm enough for wheelchairs
    • Kevin to put together a sketch of the plans
  • Next meeting set for April 27, 2016 @ 6:00

 Meeting adjourned

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